Sustainability at Frigosped

Nachhaltigkeit bei Frigosped

Since we operate as a Europe-wide transportation provide sustainable processes are extremely important to us. The following examples will show you exactly how important sustainability is to us:

  • Ecological and economic aspects have always been the priority for us when planning transports and designing logistics solutions.
  • In our newer temperature-controlled warehouses like in Kehl, Lünen and Herford-Elverdissen we use heat pump technology and air exchangers in our cooling system.
  • The new storage locations are also already using environmentally-friendly cooling agents.
  • The insulation of the halls and the noise protection measures taken at our 11 locations comply with current environmental standards.
  • In our temperature-controlled warehouses we use electronically-operated ground conveyors with regenerative brakes.
  • Paper and foil packing materials are consistently recycled at all locations.
  • We focus on energy-efficient IT. Our servers are so-called zero-watt devices; they don't use any power in standby mode. Furthermore, our systems are not designed for peak power, but use the available resources dynamically.