Quality policy

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Our Quality policy

When it comes to quality, we make no compromises. This principle has been implemented in our organisation from the beginning. Exceptional quality awareness is a matter of course for us and it is practised every day by every member of staff.

Our quality management

The scope of our quality management system includes finding cargo space, storage of temperature-controlled foods in the fresh food area, conditioned goods and stocking of non-food products, picking and transport of goods to the customer, as well as planning and implementation of computer-based and other logistics tasks.

All services and processes as well as the means deployed are of high quality and subject to a continuous improvement process. Our work processes are structured and they follow defined and verifiable standards.

Our customers

Our company thrives on service. Our customers, their satisfaction and fulfilment of their expectations are both the starting point and the goal of our work. These require the best results with respect to quality, profitability, safety and service.

In every project, the individual requirements of our customers and the goods to be transported are paramount. We always offer our customers a balanced price-performance ratio. With commitment and flexibility, we respond to new requirements and develop customer-oriented, efficient solutions. Our aim is to inspire our customers through excellent performance and to convince them with the best service.

Our employees

We are proud of our motivated, committed, professionally well trained employees. They identify with the principles of our company and the objectives derived from these, and they implement them consistently in their everyday work.

The company management encourages this behaviour through its management style, a proactive information policy and demand-based training. Together, we foster a culture of learning ability, constructive criticism, flexibility and respect, for the good of the company, the customer and every individual.

Our ethics

Business structuring of transactions is a matter of course for the company management. A substantial proportion of the company profits is consistently invested – particularly in the areas of corporate development, ownership formation and corporate security.

The shareholders, company management and entire workforce are aware of and fulfil their social responsibility and social obligations.

Our environment and energy management

Sustainable environmental protection and optimal use of energy are important components of our corporate policy. To this end, we have introduced an energy management system.
All sites of our company are checked continually for new opportunities to save energy and conserve resources. We strive for sustainable reduction and continuous improvement of energy use, energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions. This is done on the basis of the energy objectives, which are set annually.

Compliance with statutory requirements represents only a minimum criterion here.

Through their behaviour, all individuals contribute to environmental protection and energy efficiency every day.

Our employees regularly receive comprehensive information.
We are always working on optimising our processes. Even with respect to future investments, the attributes of quality, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency are among the most important decision-making criteria for us.

Our suppliers

Careful supplier selection and management aid quality assurance and are therefore undertaken not only on the basis of economic considerations.

We generally have a connection with our suppliers through cooperative partnership cemented over many years, which is of benefit to the company and thus also to our customers. The relationships, which are set up for long-term cooperation, are respectful trusting and binding.

Our objectives

Our primary corporate objective is to continue to develop Frigosped in accordance with future market and customer requirements and thus to secure the continued existence of the company and the jobs of our employees.

To achieve this, we will foster and expand our existing customer relations as well as developing new business areas and customer groups at home and abroad. We strive for sustainable growth of the company, in order to continue the constant development of our organisation and to maintain its competitiveness.

It is also our aim to increase the level of recognition of our company. Here, the name Frigosped should be associated with top quality and the best service.