IT-driven logistics processes

Frigosped IT

Frigosped has a team of ten IT experts consisting of programmers, software developers, technicians and system administrators. This high degree of specialisation makes it possible to individually satisfy every IT-related requirement of customers and sub-contractors. The integration of the most varying of inventory management or ERP systems to our IT infrastructure or the connection of specific hardware, like scanners, etc., into the data flow are just two examples of this. The seamless integration of customer data can be implemented in several different programming languages (incl. Delphi, C#, Perl and PHP).

Another core skill of our IT specialists is in guaranteeing data security and server monitoring. The data security concept also contains a five-level data security mechanism, among other things. All servers, routers, secure connections and important peripheral devices are monitored continuously and in real-time with the help of the Navigos Live Monitor.

Further services in the IT sector:

  • Our high-availability cluster guarantees a continuous work flow and minimises system failures.
  • We have a backup system which is geographically separated from the operative system.
  • We have over 70 Linux and Windows servers throughout Europe.
  • In order to guarantee maximum data security, the data flow between locations and with field staff only occurs over encrypted connections.
  • To work in as cost-effective a way as possible, we use open source software as much as possible and support them as well.
  • To remain sustainable, our servers are so-called zero-watt devices, which don't use any power in standby mode. Furthermore, we work with the idea of virtualisation, i.e. that our servers are not designed for peak power and thus overdimensioned, but use the available resources dynamically.
  • To continue to be able to provide our extensive service in the area of IT support in the future as well, we train our own junior staff as system integration IT specialists.