Contract logistics for the food and non-food sector

Frigosped Lager Lünen

In the framework of contract logistics, we take care of the entire transport process for customers from the food and non-food industry, from goods collection at the production site to delivery to the end customer. Here, we have geared our activities towards the requirements of temperature-controlled goods.

Important aspects for reliable and on-time processing are the planning, compilation and execution of a logistics concept which is finely-tuned to meet your needs. In order for the information flow to run smoothly across the entire supply chain, we set up an information system for each individual contract logistics customer and specify defined information standards. This means that nothing stands in the way of close and successful cooperation. Furthermore, we constantly monitor that values set together with the customer are adhered to so that the desired level of service can be guaranteed at all times.

We have compiled the following services from the area of contract logistics for you as follows:

  • Promotional goods logistics
  • Distribution
  • Procurement logistics