“Providing service” – that’s what FRIGOSPED stands for. In doing so, FRIGOSPED and its associated companies align all their actions with responsible and sustainable value creation. We comply with the laws in all countries in which we operate and respect people and the environment. We treat our business partners fairly and hold ourselves to the highest possible standards of integrity, honesty and professionalism. FRIGOSPED and its affiliates resolutely oppose all forms of corruption, fraud, other forms of white-collar crime and any violation of the law. In addition to complying with legal provisions, a compliance management system (CMS) also helps to protect our employees and our business partners from criminal acts. This also preserves the good reputation of our business partners and our company. =”https://frigosped.integrityline.app/”>Link to the online reporting system (Note: You leave the FRIGOSPED area to access the reporting system and will be redirected to our external provider!) Alternatively, you can also submit your reports by phone: +49 2623 980-444 (Frigosped Compliance Hotline).