Overview of our services

Whether as an individual package or in a contract – we are there for you:


Transports for temperature-controlled food and sensitive goods

As a logistics service provider, we organise 165,000 transports annually. We ensure our quality with 280 trucks in fixed charter.

Specialised in “Full Truck Load”, we transport national and international goods from various temperature ranges of the food and non-food sector as well as other sensitive goods.

Means of transport
Transport experience
Truck-land transport
165,000 transports per year
Full loads
280 trucks in fixed use
Frozen, Fresh & Dry
Europe-wide transports

Temperature-controlled Warehousing

Our employees are experienced and know the seasonal requirements. We store up to 50,000 pallets on a storage area of 60,000 square meters and handle well over 1.8 million pallets annually.

Our warehouses meet all temperature requirements for temperature-controlled food and non-food products. Our processes are BIO and IFS certified.

Our warehouse management system meets the various requirements of warehouse strategies, batch tracking, interface controls, online communication and reporting.


Value added services for the food and non-food sector

In addition to transport and warehousing, we offer you individual value added services at our warehouse locations or at your production site. These include re-packing, packaging and labelling of your products as well as the internal transport of goods or even the entire supply of a factory with raw and packaging materials.

We have a system-supported 4-eye principle in quality control.

Our processes are also supported in this area by a modern warehouse management system.

Service portfolio
Quality Controls
Display building
Customs clearance

Consulting to your advantage

We have many years of individual experience in the logistics sector. We are happy to pass on our experience as an industry transfer.

The focus is on consulting. At the beginning there is always a feasibility analysis, only if this shows that we can fulfil the requested order to the satisfaction of the customer, we will make an offer. We cannot offer the right solution for every order. However, our aim is to make a meaningful contribution to the customer’s decision.

Should this result in an order for us, we are always grateful. Should this not result in an order, we hope that the customer will remember us positively.

The best advertisement is a personal recommendation.

Field of consulting
Consultation process
Distribution logistics
Process & data analysis
Warehouse logistics
Identification of strategic options for action
Further development of logistics processes
Implementation of the strategic options for action
Waste Management